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John's Top Priority Is To Seek Justice

Justice means getting to the right outcome the right way.  It means considering all options -- from treatment to incarceration -- and determining which is most appropriate given the facts of the case and the needs of the community. Justice means treating crime victims with dignity and giving them a voice in the courtroom.

Community Safety

John is committed to community safety. In his current role as the Chief Deputy in charge of the Domestic Violence and Vulnerable Adult Unit, John understands the danger some offenders pose to the community and believes that should factor into both the length of incarceration and available alternatives to incarceration.


Some offenders benefit from programs that promote treatment. Others commit acts for which jail or prison is the appropriate answer. John has the experience and judgment to understand the difference between the two and act in the interest of a safe community.

Victim Services

John is proud of the work the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office does to support victims of crimes ranging from theft to assaults, sexual violence, and homicide. The office currently has 32 staff and volunteer victim advocates serving the community.


John is committed to treating crime victims with dignity and giving them a voice in the courtroom.  He knows how important it is to keep victims informed and involved at each step in the criminal justice process, and to connect them to services and organizations that can help them with a variety of needs.

Working With Law Enforcement Partners

Effective prosecution of criminal cases requires that the District Attorney’s Office works well with its law enforcement partners. John recognizes the importance of that partnership and will ensure there is open communication and collaboration. 


As District Attorney, John will promote shared training for law enforcement and prosecutors on updates in the law and investigative best practices to ensure the citizens of Clackamas County receive the best service possible.

Community Engagement

District Attorneys are elected officials because it is important that they share the values of the community and are responsive to the public.

As your District Attorney, John wants to ensure there is significant community engagement between the public and the District Attorney's Office. Presently, the Clackamas County DA's Office has a Community Prosecutor who works with local school districts to address chronic absenteeism, and is part of a multi-disciplinary team that works to rid neighborhoods of nuisance properties. John will work to increase the office's public presence to ensure the citizens of Clackamas County are informed about important criminal justice issues.

Specialty Courts

As Chief Deputy District Attorney, John oversees the Office’s participation in a variety of specialty courts including Mental Health Court, Drug Court, DUII Court, Juvenile Drug Court, and Community Court. These programs offer an opportunity for rehabilitation to non-violent offenders whose criminal behavior is a result of mental health issues or addiction.  


John is committed to finding innovative, common sense and evidence driven ways to address the underlying causes of criminal behavior.  He believes specialty courts are one tool by which the criminal justice system can work collaboratively to stop recidivism and improve peoples’ lives. 

Office Management

As the District Attorney, John will oversee an office that reviews more than 9,000 criminal cases per year and is staffed by more than 70 employees including attorneys, victim advocates, investigators, and administrative staff. A large office requires clear expectations from leadership. John will provide clear direction about the priorities of the office, allowing it to serve the community efficiently and effectively.

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